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Looking for the best head shop Montrose has? Visit Burn Smoke Shop Montrose, which has been awarded best head shop for 3 years in a row by the Houston Press.

After providing our loyal customer base with the latest and greatest selection of glass, vaporizers, e-cigs and more for over 13 years, we’ve strongly established ourselves in the local community and have become the go-to smoke shop in Houston and Montrose in particular.

Our staff pride ourselves in their extensive knowledge and are happy to answer any questions you have. We offer great prices for our customers and stock the best brands in the industry.

Even if you’re just a beginner getting started with smoking or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for top-quality products, Burn Smoke Shop has what you need.

Burn Smoke & Vape Shop Montrose, Housotn

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Address: 3107 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098, United States
Email: Burnsmokeshophouston@gmail.com

Phone: (713)-527-8390 

Business Hours:
Mon – Thurs     9am – 9pm
Fri – Sat           9am – 10pm
Sunday            11am – 7pm

Discover the best vape shop Montrose has to offer. We’re located just 1.2 miles West of the University of St. Thomas and across the road from CVS on Shepherd Dr, Houston.

About Burn Smoke Shop

13 years ago, our team opened up the first Burn Smoke Shop location on Hwy 6 in Bellaire near the Southwest side of Houston TX.

Driven by our team’s passion for providing the best customer service, offering the most competitive prices, and stocking the highest quality brands, our customer base grew exponentially through word-of-mouth.

We’re incredibly grateful to our customers who have allowed us to expand from 1 single location to now 3 and that’s how the Burn Smoke Shop in Montrose opened up.

History Of Montrose

After being founded in 1911 by oil tycoon J.W. Link, he had a vision to turn it into an amazing residential suburb. Soon after in 1926 the Plaza Apartment Hotel was built and attracted great names such as Dr. Edgar Odell Lovett, along with countless significant figures into the area.

From the 60’s onwards, the suburb slowly grew into what it is today.

Today, Montrose is a culturally rich suburb that is the home for communities such as musicians, artists, and LBGTs. It’s also known for the vibrant nightlife it offers, including the nightclub Numbers which was included as one of the top 50 small music venues in America.

But that’s not all, the food scene in Montrose is booming. With eateries such as Nobie’s popular curbside pickup, Riel’s globally inspired gulf coast cuisine, or Hugo’s mouth watering Mexican brunch.

With a population of almost 40,000 people, Montrose is a beautiful suburb many of us call home.

The Best Vape Shop In Montrose 77098

There’s a never ending list of great things to do in Montrose. Such as watching the live theatre performances in the Stages Repertory Theatre, enjoying some open mic standup comedy at Rudyard’s British Pub, or splurge on an antique shopping spree down Westheimer.

But if you like to smoke, there’s one place you need to visit at all costs. And that’s the best smoke shop Montrose has to offer. The Burn Smoke Shop.

Whether you live in Montrose, just coming for a visit, or even if you’re miles away and just want the best, then come in store and check out our selection.

We offer every smoke-related product you can imagine, including:

  • The highest quality brands of glass
  • Glass blown by local artists
  • An unrivaled selection of e-Cigs and e-Juice
  • Affordable Vaporizers
  • Smoking accessories
  • And so much more…

Are you after a specific brand? Some of the top brands we carry include: American Helix, Dr. Dabber, Puff Co, Volcano, Fire Fly, OPMS, Native Earth Organics, Santa Cruz Shredder, Joyetech, JUUL, Texas Tubes, 420 Jars, Element eJuice, Cali Crusher, and the list goes on.


CBD Shop / Cannabis Dispensary 77098

We are now also your number 1 CBD Shop In Houston carrying a huge selection of legal cannabis products from quality manufacturers. Choose from:

  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Tinctures
  • Delta 8 Gummies
  • Delta 8 Flower
  • Delta 8 Tinctures & Syrups
  • Hemp Act Compliant Delta 9 THC Gummies
  • Hemp Act Compliant Delta 9 THC Syrup

Need help? Call Montrose’s experts at Burn Smoke Shop for help today. (713)-527-8390

Why Choose Our Vape Shop In Montrose?

Community, selection, and customer service.

First and foremost, our team at Burn Smoke Shop pride ourselves in our dedication for the community. This includes the Montrose community and the smoking community. We support our country by stocking American made products that are made of quality. We also support local artists in Montrose and greater Houston, stocking their beautiful glass in our stores.

On top of supporting our community, we make sure that our store offers the widest selection of goods possible. This means providing you with the newest smoking accessories, tastiest e-Juice, and most efficient vaporizers.

Finally, our drive to provide our customers with the best customer service is why our customers always come back and recommend us to their friends. If you have a question or ever need help, we’re here to help you the best we can.

Why do we go to such lengths? Because we’re passionate beyond words about what we do. We strive to be the best in the industry in both the products we sell and the informational experience we deliver to our customers.

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